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Visiting or living in Florida is wonderful with the great weather and scenery. Obeying the traffic laws ensures most will arrive safely to their destinations. Driving defensively should be a way of life for safety and financial reasons not just for motorcycles but for automobiles too. There are laws on the books however, Kamagra Schweiz that could be a nightmare for not only an innocent driver but a way to defraud an insurance company.

The following scenario could happen to anyone: With the left turn signal on, and slowly rolling but not come to a complete stop the motorcyclist waited for the oncoming traffic to clear. A truck that had followed him for about two miles had started slowing down about 50 yards back. As the truck driver crept forward,Kamagra Jelly  it appeared as though he was doing the same thing, waiting for the traffic to clear to allow the bike to make the turn. One more glance back to be sure all was well the last car went by and the motorcyclist started his turn. All of a sudden out of nowhere the truck behind him was beside him and in his path! The truck was only going about 5 to 7 miles an hour, so when they met it was just a glancing blow. The motorcycles front tire hit the trucks right front wheel and both bike and motorcyclist fell to the road.

The truck pulled about 50 feet ahead and stopped. First instincts were to run up and scream in his face, but the sight of the bike laying in the middle of the road made the biker stop. Kamagra Soft Tabs After getting the bike out of the road, both truck driver and motorcyclist took a deep breath and relived the experience. Witnesses were on hand to confirm what had happened. The truck driver said he did not see the turn signal blinking on the motorcycle and did not know why he was stopped in the middle of the road and decided to go around him after the traffic cleared. Admitting fault and providing insurance information they agreed this honest truck driver could leave and the motorcyclist waited for the State Trooper to come and write a police report.